Trap Door Electronics – Exit Index Redux (Mutant Tremolo, Gnarled Distortion)


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Truly sounds like little else. An obsolete op-amp, forced to consume twice its normal voltage, gives you violent, enveloped tremolo in response to the input you give it. Let it remorselessly eat your signal or play with finesse and hear mysterious dreamy weirdo ripples. Access a distortion that can go from warm to something approaching bitcrushed.
Based on the rare limited edition Exit Index we did at Death by Audio in 2017 but vastly improved upon. Somehow nastier, cleaner, and louder (courtesy of handpicked J201 JFET transistors, also painfully misused).

Rich bass response. Powerful expression control. 100% analog. True bypass. You can even blend out the effect to get a massive clean(ish) boost if you get tired of people saying your new pedal sounds like a terrible mess. They wouldn’t necessarily be wrong.



    Weight: 350 grams

    Dimensions: 5” x 3.625” x 2.125” (including jacks and knobs)

    Power: 9V Boss/1 Spot style 2.1mm positive ring, negative tip adapter (does not run on battery)

    Current draw: 30mA


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