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The Rising Sun is an analog-optical tremolo pedal that expands on the technology found in vintage amplifiers. By utilizing digital control, the Rising Sun offers five global waveforms to its two modes: tap and ramp. Tap mode offers tap tempo functionality with four available subdivisions. Ramp mode allows the user to set a slow and fast tremolo speed and accelerate between the two, emulating a classic rotary speaker cabinet.

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  • All-analog signal path
  • Active tone control
  • Five different waveforms
  • Tap tremolo with four subdivisions
  • Ramp tremolo that alternates between two speeds
  • Internal/external tap tempo and ramp control
  • True bypass soft touch switching
  • Top-mounted jacks

Power: 9VDC center negative (not battery operable)

Dimensions: 2.6”x4.77” (W x L)

Manual (PDF)

About the Artwork:

The Rising Sun’s background is reminiscent of the Great Plains. The Great Plains are home to many Native American tribes including my own, the Blackfeet Nation (Amskapi Pikuni). Before the plains were westernized, the Blackfeet were nomadic people and roamed the plains hunting buffalo. A buffalo’s skull is featured in the center of the plains. The buffalo was the source of life for the Blackfeet and it was used for food, clothing, and shelter.

-Mike Trombley, Owner Native Audio

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