SolidGoldFX – EM-III (Multi Head Octave Echo)



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Welcome to the new SolidGoldFX EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo; the smallest, most powerful and by far the most versatile SolidGoldFX delay pedal to date.

Building on SGFX’s Electroman Delay legacy, the EM-III manages to both echo the past, present and future. With EM-III’s wide-ranging yet ultra-intuitive control set, placing warm analog-voiced echoes, precise and modern delays, as well as experimental and futuristic sound designs and octave overtones, are all just a single stomp away.

The color knob allows you to engage both high-pass and low-pass filtering. Dead-center you have a pristine full-frequency digital delay. Dial it to the left and you cut the highs, creating warm, murky analog-esque repeats. Dial it to the right and you suck out the lows for crisp and bright tape-style repeats or super thin lo-fi delays.

The EM-III also brings interactive warp and glitch features to the tonal table. Hold the Tap to engage the warp function which increases the repeats until self-oscillation, creating a swelling wall of sound. Hold Bypass to engage the glitch feature which replicates the sound of a tape motor on the fritz and a tape reel snapping, or hold both for glorious noise seances that will act as the perfect song/set closer.

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