Recovery Effects – Sound Destruction Device V3 (Sonic Destruction, Filter, and Oscillation)


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(Sonic Destruction, Filter, and Oscillation)

Total sonic destruction tool for guitar, or anything with a 1/4″ jack you want to plug into it. It distorts, filters, oscillates, glitches, clips, and does things to your instrument that naturally should not happen. Super thick fuzz, starved splatter, and wild oscillation that can be controlled with an expression pedal. The Sound Destruction Device is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

The Sound Destruction Device is hand-wired in Seattle, Washington. True bypass, chrome-plated LED, and lead-free solder. It operates on a standard Boss style 9vdc power supply (not included). Includes a limited lifetime warranty, if registered within 30 days of purchase.

Enclosure size: 4.67″ x 3.654″ x 1.547″

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