Recovery Effects – MOONSTRUCK (Real Spring Reverb + Analog-Style Delay)


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Moonstruck unites real spring reverb with a beautifully voiced analog-style delay in one simple-to-use device. The reverb and delay can be manipulated independently, allowing for complete control of each effect.

The delay section provides up to 550ms of classic echo sound with an all-analog dry path. The feedback knob can be adjusted to produce as few as one repeat or turned up for an analog-style self-oscillation frenzy. The delay level can be set wherever you like in relation to the reverb. The “reverb mix” knob controls the level of reverb with enough headroom to drench your instrument with vintage character.

Moonstruck is what every musician craves when searching for that quintessential, authentic spring reverb sound. The analog delay elevates this player-friendly pedal, making it an exceptional addition to any pedalboard.
Moonstruck demo:
– Clean reverb sound, in contrast to the psychedelic, overdriven reverb of the Endless Summer pedal.
–  Moonstruck pairs beautifully with the Endless Summer pedal for a rich stereo spring reverb experience.
– Signal chain: delay, reverb- 60mA current draw
– Enclosure size: 5.625″ x 4.625″ x 1.563″
– And, yes, it has a real spring reverb tank inside!
Designed and assembled in Seattle, Washington. Operates on a standard 9Vdc Boss-style power supply (not included). Includes a one-year limited warranty if registered within 30 days of delivery.
Moonstruck with acoustic guitar demo:

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