Couch – Racer X Aqua & Black guitar strap


Made in USA, Cruelty Free, vegan, sweatshop free and worn by the best musicians in the world.

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The vintage bright aqua vinyl used to make this strap was found by us in an old warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles getting ready to make a container ship for Africa. Really. We snatched is off the pallet and sewed these right up. This is true vintage vinyl and this is the one and only run of this exact hue so when they are gone they’ll be gone forever. Like all our Racer X Straps this has a timeless classic vintage look to it. It is very mod and reminds us of Speed Racer and Racer X. The basic design is based on the Ernie Ball type of guitar strap that dates way back to the 60’s, but our version is vinyl, and improved by the long offset racing stripe that runs the length of the strap. The end tabs are made of 3 layers of auto, couch and marine upholstery vinyl and the inside piece is made with a super- strong, fiberglass reinforced, vegan power pad material that lets you rock cruelty free. The back tab has 3 hand-tooled stainless steel rivets holding it together. So strong and oh it looks so good! No leather guitar straps here!

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